I am financial services professional, with a mandate to imagine the future of credit decision sciences.

Currently I am the Group Head of Strategic Credit Risk Relationships at OneSavings Bank (A Challenger Bank) which makes me responsible for the delivery of insightful, commercially viable and pragmatic data driven solutions for the Bank in both a retail savings and commercial lending context.

I consider myself a subject matter expert in a host of data interpretation tools with a proven record of  strategic and operational delivery within all phases of the credit life cycle. My role gives me creative freedom to consider how best to implement and monitor customer focussed initiatives from rapid tech based credit decisioning, pre arrears strategies and collections customer segmentation. With extensive first and second line credit portfolio monitoring experience I have developed a personal framework for the measurement of risk at a customer, account and collateral level. All of which is regularly reported to the Executive Committee in my current role.

Prior to joining OneSavings Bank, I ran a banking risk and consumer consultancy practice in Johannesburg South Africa, with a mission to unlock the potential of big data for private and public organisations and based my approach on the principles used with an Enterprise risk management design.

As a Chartered Banker (2019), I hold a Master’s Degree (2010) in financial management and an honours degree in Investment Management (2008) from the University of Johannesburg and live in London.

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